2019 Grandmaster’s Birthday Celebration Event Our Hearts in Accord with Grandmaster’s

Let’s convey your appreciation to Grandmaster by contributing a picture of yourself at your home holding one of Grandmaster’s books with a collection of 20 or more of Grandmaster’s books in the background together with max 200 characters which express your affection, how influenced, or reflections on reading Grandmaster’s corpus to the True Buddha Foundation.

The deadline for the contribution is Pacific Time 9:00 AM June 10, 2019 (USA Seattle Time)

Other language: 中文 INDONESIA
  • Contestants should submit a picture of themselves holding one of Grandmaster’s books with minimum 20 of Grandmaster’s books in the background.
  • Submit maximum 200 characters of reflection on your reading.
  • The resolution of the picture must not be lower than 1920x1080 pixels.
  • One entry per contestant.
  • All entries submitted grant the event organizer, the True Buddha Foundation, copyright for editing, use, and publication.
  • The top 10 winners will receive a poster of True Buddha Lineage Assembly signed by Grandmaster.
  • The 11th to 20th winners will receive a copy of one of Grandmaster’s books autographed by Grandmaster.
  • Winning entries will be edited and made into a short film which will be presented to Grandmaster on his birthday!

(within 200 characters)